Thursday, July 28, 2011

Networking to spread the Livable Streets message

The Livable Streets Team is out in force today at the quarterly meeting of the Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition.

MOCAN is a statewide coalition of state and agencies, academics, public health practitioners and other like-minds who met quarterly to explore how to create a healthier and more active Missouri. Missouri Livable Streets is a sponsored program of MOCAN.

I am grateful for the networking opportunities that happen when I go to MOCAN meetings. Today at MOCAN I learned how public health nurses in Southeast Missouri are working to make kids more active. There is a livable streets part to that puzzle. I also learned about Livable Streets efforts happening in Johnson County, Kansas (in Metro Kansas City). There were other tales of community members warming (literally this month!) to the idea of livable streets in their towns.

By participating in coalitions such as MOCAN Missouri Livable Streets gets to spread the message to corners of the state that our small staff and advisors could not reach by ourselves. If you are interested in spreading the message about livable streets to a local group you work with check out the information we have for advocates like yourself at our website.

Be well and see you in the streets,

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