Monday, June 13, 2011

Livable Streets Road Trip

Over time Missouri's communities are doing more to make their public spaces and streets more livable. Depending on the context this means a combination of improved sidewalks, new bike facilities, safer routes to school and more.

Columbia, Missouri's livable streets support pedicabs!
This week I am head out to visit leaders in several of those more livable communities. My road trip across north Missouri will give me a chance to see how these mostly small towns and cities are making streets more accessible for active transportation. As I visit a range of communities I'll be posting pictures to this blog that highlight what these mostly small towns are doing to build more livable streets.

And if you haven't checked out our new website please do. We keep putting information up at that can help local livable streets advocates like yourself become better informed and inspired to talk to your elected leaders about adopting livable streets into your municipal policies and plans.

See you in the Streets,

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